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Our work has reached over 800,000,000 users - worldwide.

A select few of our many past projects are available for viewing below.

How Could You Want Me? (Music Video) [2022]

HDSCreative provided the lighting team as well as all lighting equipment that was used to create Tempermental The Band's music video, for their new single 'How Could You Want Me?".

All other aspects of production were covered by 'Sharp Edge Cine', which is a proud partner company of HDSCreative.

(Director: Bruno Saucedo, Producer: Lennon Wu)

Pursuit of a Jigsaw (Short Film) [2020]

HDSCreative provided gear support, and co-produced the short film "Pursuit of a Jigsaw" in partnership with Sam Mizrahi-Powell Films in 2020. The film went on to several awards at Film Festivals and was picked up by Horror Shorts Channel 'Alter' in 2022.

(Director: Sam Mizrahi-Powell, Producer: Aidan Callanan)

HDSCreative serviced all aspects of this production, except for the graphics. 

(Director: Brian Hulbert)

Ashley by Bryant (Music Video) [2019]

HDSCreative oversaw all aspects of the design, construction, setup, operation and take down, for this custom light tunnel we designed for Hyundai's 2023 End of Year Event. 

Hyundai End of Year Event (Live Event) [2023]

Valorem Vitae  (Short Film) [2019]

HDSCreative serviced all aspects of the pre-production, production, and post-production of the HDSCreative Original Film 'Valorem Vitae', released in 2019. The four minute short film featured 8K video shot on a Red Monstro Cinema Camera, as well as 8K Aerial Video made possible via an Alta 8 high performance drone

(Director: Aidan Callanan/Cyrus Khaleeli)

HDSCreative proudly partnered with 310 Entertainment, to provide lighting, videography, and special effect at their night club after-hours events in Beverly Hills throughout 2019. 


310 Ent x HDSC (Live Event) [2019]


Behind the Scenes:

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