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Press Release 9/12/2023

HDSCreative LLC invests in Cutting-Edge Arri Lighting Arsenal

[Torrance, CA, 9/10/2023] - HDSCreative LLC, a Torrance based production company and rental house, proudly announces its recent investment in a groundbreaking suite of 20 new Arri lighting products. This strategic move reinforces our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and performance to our clients.


**Arri SkyPanel S30C Units (black)** - Renowned for their exceptional reliability and versatility, these units are equipped with a pole operated yoke and boast a compact 14 x 11.8" surface area. The SkyPanel S30-C offers an impressive output equivalent to a 1000W tungsten soft light while drawing just 240W. Its full color "tuneable" capabilities, including a wide range from 2800K to 10,000K, RGB+W color gamut, and hue and saturation control, making it a creative powerhouse. The Arri SkyPanel S30C is equipped with 0-100% dimming and is accessible both locally and remotely via DMX or LAN. 


**Arri L7C Fresnel Units (black)** - These manual mount fixtures redefine traditional Fresnels with a powerful LED twist, offering remarkable color control. The L7-C LE2 boasts a 25% power boost, equivalent to 1000W tungsten, and features a 15-50° beam angle. It simplifies intensity and color temperature control, from a warm 2800K to a cool 10,000K, and offers precise color matching. These fixtures are fully DMX-controllable and come with a hybrid cooling system for quiet operation. With only 160W power consumption, they provide substantial energy savings compared to tungsten lights.


**Arri L5C Fresnel Units (black)** - The L5-C 5" LED Fresnel from Arri offers flexibility with a beam angle adjustment of 14-50°. This fully dimmable fixture allows color temperature tuning from 2800K to 10,000K and full control over color shades and skin tones through RGB+W color gamut mixing. These units also offer DMX and RDM compatibility. The L5-C produces the equivalent of a 450W tungsten light while drawing just 115W, significantly reducing energy costs.


**Seize the Brilliance**


We are excited to make these cutting-edge lighting units available to our valued customers. To reserve these state-of-the-art Arri lighting units for your next project, visit our website at

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