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Welcome to HDSCreative Rentals.

As of January 1st 2023, we are happy to announce that we are making approximately 50% of our equipment inventory - available to the general public for rentals. This process is still on-going and gear, web pages, and systems, will be constantly updated over the next six months. All Rentals are required to agree to the HDSCreative Rental Terms and Conditions, which will be sent to a customer along with their invoice.

Feb. Spotlight Rental Item:

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Current Specials & Promos:

Student Discount
All Students in High School or College who rent equipment from us will receive 5% their total rental price. Students rentals are bound by the same Terms and Conditions as all rentals.

10% off one item
 Receive ten percent off any single item rental for one day (excludes packages) - valid one time per customer. Discounted rentals are bound by the same Terms and Conditions as all rentals.

Picking Up and Returning:
The following applies to all HDSCreative Rentals.

  • All equipment is fully inspected and tested before and after each Rental.

  • All equipment that contains a battery, will be fully charged before each Rental.

  • All equipment that contains an interchangeable bulb, will be provided a spare bulb at no charge. Unless the existing bulb has 25 or less hours on it.

  • You must schedule an appointment for Pickup and Returning with us via email.

  • Rental items must be picked up after 2:00PM on the day of pickup. There is no charge for pickup days*. 

  • Rental Items must be returned before 12:00PM on the day of return. There is no charge for return days*.

  • Items that are rented for a weekend (Friday pickup, Monday return)  will only be billed as 1 Day.

  • Items that are rented for a week (7 Days) will only be billed as 3 Days.

  • Items that are rented for two weeks (14 Days) will only be billed as 6 Days.

  • Items that are rented for one month will only be billed as 11 Days.

  • All equipment must be picked up from us in Torrance, CA or Orange, CA. We do not make deliveries at this time.

  • When filling out a rental request form - you must specify which city you want to pick up and return your items in.

  • All rental fees must be paid for in-full either at or before the time of pickup.

  • Proof of rental insurance equal to or greater than the replacement cost of all items (as listed on a rental invoice) must be presented at the time or before the time of pickup.

  • Customers must agree to our Rental Terms and Conditions document (provided with each invoice) in full and present a signed copy to us, before the time or at the time of picking up rental items.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or reject any rental requests at our sole discretion. 

*If items are returned after the time window, an additional cost will occur. Items must be rented for a minimum of one billable day.

You cannot pickup rental items and return them the next day - if you wish to do so, you will be charged for a one day rental. 

Interested in Renting from us?
All Rental items are eligible for pickup in Torrance, CA and Orange, CA.

**We are currently working on implementing a new website with more of our items, and the ability for online rental bookings - in the meantime, please fill out this form to inquire about rentals - this will enable us to create a customized quote for you, and offer any eligible discounts for multi-item rentals (4+ items) or multi-day rentals (3+ Days).

You can also book our equipment via by clicking here

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