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February Spotlight:

Our team has been hard at work all of early 2023, on something that has been requested by many of our repeat clients. As of February 1st 2023, we are pleased to announce the launch of HDSCreative Rentals! With HDSCreative Rentals, customers can easily rent nearly 50% of the items in our inventory - at a competitive price.

Click here to check it out.

Explore What We Do:

Creative Services
Whether it's a narrative film, a commercial, an event, a concert, a music video, or something else,   HDSCreative's in-house creative team stands at the ready to help plan and develop next level experiences and projects.

Film & TV Services
HDSCreative stands ready to service our client's film and video projects of all types and sizes. We have supported music videos, short films, commercials, television episodes, live television broadcasts, and feature films with our equipment and crews for over six years.

Production Services
With a team of highly trained professionals and state of the art equipment and technology, HDSCreative's Production Services Team works hands-on to bring our customer's projects to the next level.

Event Services
HDSCreative utilizes state of the art technology, creative design, and a skillful team, to help execute next level events small in scale to large in scale including; concerts, parties, nightclubs, corporate events, and more.

Post-Production Services
Finish off your production on the right note.With a group of dedicated of in-house Post Productions professionals, HDSCreative  works to help our client's projects come together in the right way. 

Used Sales
We frequently cycle equipment in our inventory to ensure we have the best equipment available to support our projects. When we have equipment we no longer need, we fully test it and make it available for purchase at a competitive price.

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