Small Business Owners: We're here to help, in the best way we can. 

How we're preparing to assist small business owners:

With many businesses closing down as a result of COVID-19, we understand that the time for businesses to reopen and return to normal, will eventually come. In order to help small businesses see a return to their usual traffic, HDSCreative (and it's partners) are proud to announce that we will be including small businesses and local restaurants in the return of our mini documentary series, "Crusin' California". 

Who's Eligible?

Small Businesses that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for our program*:

- Must be officially registered as a business, and be in good standing legally.

- Must have an office or headquarters in Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Orange County, or the Inland Empire, that we can film at. 

- Must have less than 500 employees (prior to the COVID-19 outbreak).

- Must have less than six physical locations.

What we are doing:

To help drive traffic back to your business, we are seeking small businesses to film and create highlight videos about. These short videos will be released as stand alone segments in our mini series titled "Crusin' California - The Road to Recovery".  Upon participation in this program, the business will also receive a free video to use for advertising purposes:

Our segments are structured as follows:

- Includes Delivery of one  edited and color graded 90 second commercial cut, and one  edited and color graded Five Minute commercial cut  (which will be published as part of our show). 

- Video will be delivered to Client within 14 days of the shoot date.

- Video will be delivered to Client in 4K Resolution or HD Resolution. 

- Video will include 1-3 Interviews, and a music track.

- Includes filming of sufficient B-Roll and Interview/Voiceover Footage for the video.

Fine Print:

To Apply to be featured in our series "Crusin' California - The Road to Recovery", click here.

**Please note: The Small Business is responsible for providing the location for us to film in, as well as the talent for us to record.  The Small Business  agrees to allow HDSCreative to use the video for educational and marketing purposes as well as release it as a "Crusin' California" segment. The Small Business also agrees to allow HDSCreative to use their logo and list their website WITHIN the video. All Video Work and Editing is done by Student Filmmakers, like traditionally done with all our projects. HDSCreative will review all applications for a video package discount, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The Small Business owns no rights to the HDSCreative name, website, or logo. Only a select number of applications will be selected, we cannot accommodate all applications. HDSCreative will choose the businesses that will be featured at its own discretion. This package includes the production and post production processes only, we are not responsible for providing a script, location, permits, or actors.