Pursuit of a jigsaw

A Thrilling Narrative Short Film by visionary Filmmaker Samuel Mizrahi-Powell.......coming soon.

Pursuit of a Jigsaw

A Thrilling Narrative Short Film directed by Filmmaker Samuel Mizrahi-Powell

cast & crew:

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor / VFX : Sam Mizrahi-Powell


Director of Photography : Justin Stern

Producer: Aidan Callanan


Key Grip / Gaffer / 1st AC : Connor Colebrook


Sound : Fady Garas


Special Effects Makeup : Yun Nam


Stunt Coordinator : Darren Breen


BTS Photography / Production Assistant : Josh Yang




Ben: Jamie Roy

Donna: Caitlin Thorburn

Paul: Garrett M Brown

Mary: Ivy Votolato

Manager: Joey Martin

Disfigured Man: Joshua Moomey

Extras: Brian Funnagan, Thomas Lambert, Tim Alcoser, G. Robert Daily

Produced in part by HDSCreative.


In a retroist Suburban-America, a corporate laborer begins to lose his sense of self after entering an undesired marriage. The film provides commentary on suburban and corporate lifestyles -- specifically how (over time) a newly-wed man adapts to the people and environment around him, only in the surrealist world of this film, the adaptations are physical. His body begins to morph and distort (taking on physical characteristics of his wife and coworkers), turning him into a human version of a jigsaw.