Crusin' California 

The Road to Recovery

About "Crusin California"

Here at HDSCreative, we began to produce content for our new series "Crusin' California", last year. The goal of the show was to highlight places of interest all across California, and to bring the public a preview into the vast wealth of knowledge and stories, those who operate these sites have. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to delay production off the show for a period of five months. When "Crusin' California" Production Teams began to operate again, Coronavirus hit the United States...closing virtually everything. 

"Crusin California - The Road to Recovery"

Since HDSCreative only had one episode of "Crusin' California" published at the time of the mass shutdown, we have decided that moving forward, our show will be slightly different. Instead of solely highlighting tourist destinations, we are also including local points of interest, such as small businesses and community stores that have their own special meaning to the communities they are located in. We want to encourage people to be safe, but also to not forget about the locations that help make their communities unique. 


Follow along with our Team as we map our community, click hereEpisodes will be released as soon as possible.

We are proud to partner with Orange County based Wedding Videographer RV Originals, to ensure that we can represent as much of our small business community as possible.