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Arri Orbiter Kit

Location for Local Pickup: Torrance, California or Orange, California


Available Formats: 

  • Single Unit

  • 2 - Pack


Each Kit Includes:

  • 1x Arri Orbiter with Yoke

  • 1x Lens (choice of 15, 30, or 60 degree lens tube)

  • 1x Barndoors

  • 1x Orbiter Remote with Remote Cable 

  • 1x TrueCON Cable


Optional Add-ons (Subject to availability):

  • Orbiter Lens Combination Kit (1x15 Degree Lens, 1x30 Degree Lens, 1x60 Degree Lens)

  • Chimera Dome (Large)

  • SourceFour Kit (Orbiter Docking Ring with 1x ETC SourceFour Lens Barrel, 1x ETC S4 Lens (choice of 19, 26, 36, or 50 degree lens), 1x SourceFour Iris, 1x SourceFour Gobo Tray)


Rental Terms:

Please book all rentals a minimum of five days in advance.

All Rentals are subject to approval and a signed Rental contract. 

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