HDSCreative strives to create a wide range of varying content including short films, commercials, miniseries, youtube series, and other creative media forms. By using analytical investigative data, HDSCreative works to create content that is engaging, relevant, and connects best with target audiences.

HDSCreative also prides itself on being a pioneer in the modern event entertainment industry. Using state of the art sound, lighting, led walls, special effects, projectors, and more, HDSCreative is able to help any event or shoot reach its maximum potential. 

HDSCreative is always looking for ways to expand and grow, and thus constantly explores new options and creates individual departments to do so.

Blue was created with the purpose of providing quality yet affordable products to creatives around the world.

Beginning with the Blue Colorbox, lighting products from Blue will offer new additions to the currently stagnant lighting industry, while keeping costs more affordable than the big players.